At Nanna’s Child Care Centre we believe that children learn through play.

Learning Environments

Our Rooms

Creating a loving and happy atmosphere for your child

We believe your child’s experience whilst engaging in play is the important factor in promoting development. It is the process of these experiences, not the outcomes, that provides the learning. In our programs the equipment is a tool to enable your child to explore the process.

As early childhood professionals, the educators implement programs that provide a rich and integrated range of experiences that enhance your child’s learning and development.

Our centre is unique in the way in which educators and the children have access to a range of different learning environments. These include a fantastic home corner area, where the children can enjoy dressing up and role playing experiences.

Being a smaller centre allows for an even greater focus on providing quality care to the children in our charge, across our Baby House (up to 3 years) and Kindy House (3-5 years)


Baby House

0 – 3 years

Staff recognise that a child’s transition from home to the centre is an important time and work to ease that transition so a new child can be helped to settle in quickly.

Parents are encouraged to spend time visiting the centre with their child prior to leaving them for the first time. The assigned educator plays an active and ongoing role in gathering information that will help to provide continuity of care and education between home and centre.

Primary educators regularly discuss with the family how their child is adjusting and they plan together to support the child settling in. Comfort objects from home are encouraged and made available for the child.

Kindy House

3-5 years 

We currently have two rooms in the Kindy House, one being for the preschool children to use. In this area the Early Childhood teacher has access to a stimulating learning environment where the children can be actively involved in many different aspects of their learning.

The other area we utilise is our dining area/wet area which is used for all our meal times and art experiences.

Parent orientation evenings are held at the Kindy House for the parents and children progressing from the Baby House to the Kindy House during every intake.