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3 weeks ago

HappenIng Now Science Experiment Time at the Kindy House.

The children at the kindy house are exploring what happens to their rocketing if the sting is at different heights or the same height.

3 weeks ago

We are having yummy fried rice for lunch today what are you having?

3 weeks ago

Over the next few weeks we will be sharing with you pictures and a little something about each of our incredibly hard working educators starting with Robyn who has been with us for almost 10 ... See more

3 weeks ago

Here is a little sneak peak into our baby house 🙂

4 weeks ago

To extend on the children's dramatic play experience where they were acting out the three little pigs story today educators have set up a loose parts plays station in which they are able to explore ... See more

1 month ago

Thank you to all of our Amazing families for your feedback about our educators.

Today each staff member has been receiving a small gift along with copies of this feedback as well as feedback from ... See more