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"A place where all children are nurtured"

Welcome – The director and staff of Nanna’s Child Care extend to you and your child a warm welcome. There are several forms to be filled out and returned to us before your commencement. It is important to discuss with us any special needs your child might have and how we can meet them.

Times of Opening  – The Centre is open from 6.30a.m. to 6.30p.m.Monday to Friday 52 weeks of the year (excluding Public Holidays). Our Centre is open over the Christmas period with the exception of Public Holidays.

Arrival –  Parents must accompany their child into the Centre on arrival. Please ensure that you leave them in the care of a staff member. Parents must ensure that they SIGN in the child on The Daily Attendance Sheet.. Parents are also required by Government to record all sick days, absentness and holidays. A Communication Book (at the Baby House – Sheet) located next to the Attendance Records is to record any messages to staff concerning your child. (i.e. poor sleep, departure time, requests). Please call the Centre by 9.00am if your child will not be attending that day.

Departure –  When you collect your child please ensure the staff member of your child’s departure. Children may not be collected by any other person than the parents unless the Centre has been advised preferably in writing. If any other person is to collect your child in an emergency, please ensure that the Centre is informed and that the “Stranger” has some identification (this is for your child’s protection).

Be sure to SIGN your child out of the Centre on the Daily Attendance Records.

Child Care Benefit  – The Commonwealth Government offers child care benefits to eligible families. To assess fees payable, the Department of Social Security will require evidence of income before issuing an Assessment Notice. Until an Assessment Notice for Child Care Benefit is produced to the centre full fees will apply.

Notice of Booking Changes  – Two weeks notice is required for any change of booking, this is necessary due to amendments of staff rosters and timetables. Full fees are charged for all other days your child does not attend including sick days. Except 4 weeks annual leave at half of the parent contribution.
Two weeks notice is required prior to withdrawing a child from care.

We aim to provide the highest quality care for your children at a most affordable cost to hard working families. The arrangements above are in place to keep our weekly fees down and to optimise services and vacancies to families.

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