About Us


Assisting your child in developing all skills necessary for success now and in the future

At Nanna’s Child Care Centre we believe all children have the right to experience quality childcare and education. We view all children in a balanced way as individuals with many competencies and interests, as well as needs with additional needs.

Families are a valuable source of information; they know their child best and childcare educators will work in partnership with families to ensure the best outcomes for their child, inviting and welcoming families to become involved in our programme and evaluating it by working collaboratively with educators.

At Nanna’s:

• There are effective strategies for communicating with families.

• Families and extended family involvement in the centre is strongly encouraged.

• Children have the right to nurturing, warmth, trust and respect. They are valued as individuals, accommodating their diverse abilities and their social, language and cultural backgrounds.

• Curriculum: Implementation of Belonging, Being and Becoming, Australia’s Early Years Learning Framework. Through this framework we will build on children’s interests, knowledge, experiences, background and family information as individuals within the group.

• Children will have access to learning experiences that will assist them to grow developmentally in the following areas:

• Children will have routine times as an integral part of their learning experiences and educators will take into account their home and cultural backgrounds.

• Children are supported to become environmentally responsible and show respect for the environment.

• Children learn through play and through active involvement with others.

• Children are unique, curious, knowledgeable individuals.

• Children learn best through play participation, through active involvement with others.

• Children’s eating habits in their first years lay the foundation for future health.

• Children need access to solitude and privacy.

• Centre demonstrates full participation of children with additional needs.


We believe:

• Children have a strong sense of identity

• Children are connected and contribute to their world

• Children have a strong sense of wellbeing

• Children are confident and involved learners

• Children are effective communicators.